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We are an Organization that develop keen interest on kids in the Tech space. We teach kids how to code and apply their knowledge to real life situation.



Programming is speedily becoming a global language to help school age children to express their imaginative potentials. School age children all over the world now do three things every day; They THINK, CODE, and SHARE! They can create their own GAMES, INTERACTIVE STORIES, GRAPHIC ARTWORKS, COMPUTER ANIMATIONS, and all sort of other MULTIMEDIA PROJECTS. Let’s tutor your kids.

About Us

DIGITALGENE is Nigeria’s leading STEM education institute that provides coding and robotics programs for kids aged 5 to 17 years old. We offer Virtual coding classes on weekends and holidays, coding camps and STEM workshops.

Our team has taught over 2000 students across Nigeria during a community service program and also virtual classes where kids are taught to develop core coding skills in Web Design, Mobile App design, Game design, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence


What Our Clients Say?

I'm grateful to my Parent for enrolling me for the programming courses. I started a month ago and I can build a website comfortably.
I'm happy i joined Digitalgeneration. I am nine years old. i can build a mobile app framework and i can't wait to learn more. 
Ayoola david
My mom is the best Mother in the World. I am happy I can build a user interface. 

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